How much water will it take to fill a 18 x 33 x 52' oval pool?


The volume of an above ground oval swimming pool measuring 18 feet wide x 33 feet long by 52 inches deep is 15,174 gallons of water. The formula is length x width x average depth x 5.9.
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17000 gallons.
24' diameter and 52" deep I assume. pi(r^2)depth*7.48=volume. 12^2*3.14*4.33*7.48 = 14654.88 or 14,655 gallons if filled to the full 4.3' of depth. Source(s) Registered CPO (
If those are the dimensions of the major and minor axes, one would still need the depth to figure that out.
You don't have enough information. You need the height, the width, and the depth.
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