How much water will it take to fill a 18 x 33 x 52' oval pool?


The volume of an above ground oval swimming pool measuring 18 feet wide x 33 feet long by 52 inches deep is 15,174 gallons of water. The formula is length x width x average depth x 5.9.
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Zero gallons. No gallons can fit into a plane, no matter what units you are using, since gallons are units of volume and must be expressed in three dimensions. Now, if you were to
How much it would take to fill should be measured in volume, theref...
Dearwayne, I don't know but check with the pool manufacturer or any pool manufacturer ,maybe they can help you. Bill Yoshi1400
If the pool is 30' across and 52" high. The pool will be filled to the 48" level. So the volume of water to be used = 21137.48. Some say pie r square, but their not. Pies
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