How Much Weight Have I Lost?


The proper way to find out how much weight you have lost is by measuring yourself using the scale and the tape measure. This is because normally a person will lose both kilograms and also inches. For this task to be successful you will need to remember the exact weight and size in inches you were before so that you can tell the difference. Another way of telling how much weight you have lost is by visiting your doctor so that he can go through your previous records and measure your weight.
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Losing weight fast can be unhealthy with that being said there are some diets like the low carbohydrate diets that seem to have people loose a big amount of weight upfront then it
1. Start a healthy diet that you can live with. Some diet plans are available that can help keep you on track. Look at the Atkins Diet program, where you can lose up to 15 pounds
1 Buy scale. Ad 2 Weigh yourself on said scale.
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