How Much Weight Will a 2x6 Support?


The amount of weight a 2x6 can support depends on a number of factors. The longer a board is, the weaker it will be in the center. it also depends on the type of wood, because some of them are stronger than others. If there are any imperfections in the wood (knots or spits) the wood will be weaker as well.
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Without doing any calculations, I'd say probably not enough. Deflection and stress in the beam are probably within acceptable limits; what you have to worry about is torsion in the
Not enough information is given. We are only given two of the board's dimensions, and you haven't specified which dimensions those are. Presumably you mean thickness and width.
Completely dry pine might weigh 10 pounds per cubic foot
Buyers can calculate the Elfa shelving capacity they need by estimating the weights they want to put on shelves with a width of 36 inches. The Wardrobe Man, a closet installer, places
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