How Much Weight Will I Lose if I Don't Eat?


The amount of weight you lose if you don't eat will depend on each individual. You must eat something to keep from dehydrating. You'll lose but you'll put it right back on once you start eating again. The healthy way to lose weight would be to cut out white sugar, white flour, high fat and high calorie foods.
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As far as I know, it is not really possible to tell you how much weight you will lose if you don't eat. I would not recommend doing this, it is really bad for your health. When your body stop taking in calories, it goes into starvation mode. Then, it stops burning calories. So, you may not lose weight.
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Losing weight does not mean that we need to stop eating as many people would think. To lose weight, we need to eat right and exercise. Try lowering the intake of fat content and caloric
1. Eat meat substitutes which will allow you to enjoy some of the flavors without the fat content of real meat products. Products such as vegetarian sausages and burgers make good
1 Eat more fresh food! Choose fresh, nutrient-rich, healthy, low-fat foods rather than junk food. Junk food can range from burgers to those cookies that you always bought! Adding
Answer Going without food at all (fasting) is a bad way to lose weight because it triggers the famine response. When the body does not receive regular food it assumes there is a famine
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