How Much Will a Crankshaft Sensor Cost?


The cost of a crankshaft sensor can be anywhere from $40 and up. The price really does depends on the type of vehicle that you drive and the labor rate per hour your mechanic charges.
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Your standard crankshaft position sensor will cost around $80.86.
The part itself is about $30 or $40 at a shop like autozone or oreilys, so if you are doing the repair on your own, it will be that plus about 2 hours of your time. i have read a
1. Disconnect the cable on the vehicle battery's negative terminal for all vehicles. Raise and secure the vehicle's front end on jack stands and remove the wheels (this isn't necessary
aprox £22 for the sensor[or£5 from the brakers]1 hour garage labour of simply plug it in yourself!
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A crankshaft sensor varies in different prices. It just depends on what kind of car you have got. The price range is from twenty dollars to hundred twenty five dollars.
The cost of a replacement crankshaft sensor will vary wildly depending on your specific vehicle. and location. From my own search, the price can be as little as $20 to as much as $75.
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