How Much Will a Full Car Service Cost?


A full car service would be dependent on your vehicle make. If you go to you will be asked to enter the vehicle type and once you enter a car, you will have a detailed price list of car service in front of you. If you enter BMW, you will have the chart of all the models of BMW series along with their service charges. However you can make comparisons at other sites as well.
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Full coverage for car insurance usually depends on where you live, what kind of car you drive, your age and how far you plan to travel. Typically figure about 800 dollars a year.
Really depends on what you mean by "Full Service" and how bagged your set of wheels is. If you got no clutch. no brakes(brakes are metal to metal damaging the rotor or drums
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Car service costs vary from car to car. It is advisable to own a car whose running costs will be manageable for you.
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