How Much Will a George Washington 5 Cent Blue Stamp Be Worth in 60 Years?


The amount that a George Washington 5 cent blue stamp will be worth in 60 years will vary. It will depend on various factors, such as it's condition. It is also impossible to predict the future, if you could, you would be very rich.
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With dozens of Washington stamps of so many varieties, this is pretty hard to pin down without know exactly which stamp it is. Most used US postage stamps are worth 15 or 20 cents
The Washington 5 cent blue stamp is worth about $2.50 used and $80.00
Al, If you could attach an example photo of the stamp to your question, I can provide an answer.Mark Leon. I deal in United States Stamps. American Art Glass. and Halloween Costumes
Scott Catalog # : 3468A. Value is about 50 cents used and a dollar mint. Few dealers will be bothered with buying a single stamp.
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The worth of a 1966 George Washington 5 cent blue stamp in 60 years will largely depend on how much the buyer, if there is one, is willing to pay at that time. ...
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