How Much Will Gamestop Give You for a Nintendo Ds and a Gameboy SP?


Gamestop will give you more or less than $30 for your Nintendo DS or a Gameboy SP, of course that will depend on the condition of your DS or Gameboy SP, if there's any scratches etc.
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You can get a Nintendo DS for $169.99. I hope
ask Dr.Phil
they are rip offs sell on ebay
You will receive $50-55 in trade in credits if you trade it in at a Game Stop. Enjoy! Ask us again!
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A GameStop store may give you approximately $50 or less for a Nintendo DS gaming system. You can also trade in a Nintendo DS for credit towards a different gaming ...
It depends on the condition of the DS game system. Usually you will get approximalty $80.00 to $100.00 in store credit for giving them a Nintendo DS. ...
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