How Much Will I Get Back on my Income Tax Return?


To be able to answer how much money you would get back you need to know what your total income was, how much taxes were withheld and then subtract any deductions you may have.
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The amount that you will get back on taxes depends on several things. Marital status, children, income and taxes paid in are a few. There are many places that will help file your taxes. You can find more information here:
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If you filed your income tax electronically, your return should be available in a week. If you mailed your return to the IRS, it could take several weeks. You can check the status
1. Log on to the IRS website to download the forms and schedules for the years in which you are filing income tax returns. You cannot complete a current year tax return for past years
You only need to file an income tax return if your income is above a certain level. If you are single and make over 8500 a year, you should file income
You cannot carryback on a personal tax return. Investment losses (generally on stock) are able to be carried forward, used against the same type of gains in future years, and up to
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If you want to know how much will your income tax return be, you first must file. Your refund is calculated by comparing your total income tax and how much the ...
There are many variables that need to be answered to determine how much you would receive on your tax return. It would be based on your income, the amount of taxes ...
What each person gets back from taxes, depends on many different things. Marital status, income, children etc. There is some great tax software available like ...
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