How Much Will I Get If I Trade in Wii Sports Resort to Gamestop?


If you trade in Wii Sports Resort to Gamestop, most likely the most money you would get, would be about $25, an it would probably be given back in store credit.
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Wii Sports Resort costs $22.99 on Gamestop online. It's only available pre-owned and ships in 24 hours.
Basically a major revamped wii sports. Includes many, many new games like sword fighting, frisbee, water skiing, basketball, archery, and much more. Most are two players or more,
1. Play a 11-point game against Lucia. To increase your chances of beat her, hold the 2 button on the Wii remote when the "Mii Character Selection" screen pops up. 2. Avoid
As of this time, there has been no annoucement for a Wii Sports Resort 2, and I don't think Nintendo plans to make one any time soon. If you're lucky, they might release one on the
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Gamestop does not provide it's trade-in prices. You need to take the game into the store for an estimate. Typically, they will give about $20 in store credit for ...
It depends on the condition of the game. If the game is brand new and has never been opened then expect to get half of what the normal retail price is. If it's ...
When using Ebgames or Gamestop, trade ... ...
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