How Much Will I Pay for Tiling?


Online calculators can be used to help you estimate cost of Materials depending on the room size and type of tiles chosen and the and the labour to give you the amount you should expect to pay for tiling.
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The cost of tile installation can very based on a variety of factors. Not all tile is valued the same way. Pricing for tile will vary, based on material and size. As of 2010,12 x
15 to 20 an hour in canada if hes grouting and being a labour as well packing all the materials to areas and preping job it all depends on the job the type of tile being used as well
That's the labor. I buy the materials. I know this person well, and he does excellent work. Say's he normally charges 3.00. I know he would never "take" me, but I was a
The average annually salary of a hard tile setter in Oklahoma
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