How Much Will It Cost Me to Tax My Car?


The price of car tax is prone to changes from time to time. In April 2010, the price of car tax is likely to change depending on how much CO2 your vehicle emits. If one buys a new car after this time, they?ll have to pay a first-year rate based on the CO2 emissions.
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For the cars that are registered before 1 March 2001, the car tax for six months is £71.50 with the engine size that is not above 1549cc. For twelve months, the car tax would be £130.00. And for the car engine of 1549cc and higher, the car tax for six months is £118.25 and for twelve months the car tax is £215.00. For the cars registered after 1 March 2001, visit the site:
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The amount you pay on car tax is determined by the county your purchase the car in. If the county tax rate is 8.25% and the car being purchased is $20,000, then the car tax is $1,650
Sales taxes are levied by state and local agencies, and vary by the location at which you purchase your vehicle. Some states calculate sales tax figures according to the municipality
Jim bought a used car from a local car dealer for $6995. he had to pay 6% sales tax on the car. what is the total cost of the car
Collect tax credit information from your dealer when you purchase your hydrogen car. You will need certification from the dealer for the maximum tax credit on your vehicle model.
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