How Much Will It Cost to Put a Sub and AMP in a Truck?


The cost of placing a sub and an amp into a pickup truck will greatly depend on what brand of equipment you will be installing. It could cost you as little as $100.00 or as much as a few thousand.
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A sub for a truck will cost you about $119.99 for a 12' sub by Kenwood. A 500 watt amp will cost you about $199.99 for one by Alpine. With all the other things you will need to hook this up you are looking at $360 to do it yourself.
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this will all depend on what sub and what amp you want. along with how good of job you want done. you can do it your self if you purchese the sub, amp, wireing kit, and buying a sub
Remove the rear seats and build an enclosed box for them.
A Kicker ZX1000.1 Amp costs roughly $320.
Hows it going so you need it to be installed or you can install this yourself? well the best bet fund to get stuff done cheap is t get the stuf you will need to do an install like
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It depends on where you go, what the cost to install a sub and amp in a truck will be. Some places include installation with the purchase price of the sub and ...
First of all its 2 12" (inch) not 2 12' (feet) and Do they really need to be those brands because there are some better brands out there like Kicker, JL Audio ...
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