How much will the wii system cost?


The wii is priced averagely at one hundred and ninety nine dollars. You can buy them at several retailers and online. Good luck in your quest for the wii.
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The Nintendo Wii system has been released, and it costs $199.99. Since the demand for the consoles have gone down, you can find them in retail stores as well as online retailers.
You can purchase a new Nintendo Wii system today for about $200. However, you can also purchase a used Wii system for about half of that cost if you prefer.
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The Nintendo Wii gaming system runs between $200 and $250 depending upon the store. Private sellers can be found selling used consoles for much less online or in the newspaper.
I'm pretty sure they're around 400$ eBay has them for about 350-380$ I haven't found a cheaper one so I assume they're all around the same price. Expensive, I know! but i am sure
1. Visit, which is run by Nintendo of America, and which has provided a list of reputable retailers that will sell you the console without any need for a wait time. 2. Click
The Nintendo Wii has a suggested retail price of $249.99. Thanks for using
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The wii costs around one hundred and ninety nine dollars. it can be found at a local retailer near you. Good luck and happy gaming. may you find the perfect price ...
When the Wii first came out it cost over $300.00, but now with the economy, the way it is they have lowered the price to around $ 200.00 and in some stores there ...
The Nintendo Wii started off slow in sales dropping the price in the beginning but they are on a roll now. The costs have gone up to be competitive with the other ...
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