How much would a 1898 Indian Head penny be worth?


The amount that your 1898 Indian head penny would be worth would all depend on the condition of the penny and the kind that you have. It is usually worth $1.75 to $36.00.
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The Indian cent is worth $1 for most years and mint marks if in good condition. There are a few good one like the 1877 is worth $440, and the 1909-S is worth $210. Most of the Indian
It really depends on the grade of the coin (The grade of the coin is the condition of the coin) Average Grade is VG-8 which means the coin has a clear date and at least 2 letters
2/2012. Around $3.00 for an average one. $275.00 for a MS-64R graded sample. $25.00 for an AU-50 sample. Hope that helps!
An 1898 Indian Head Penny in very fine condition is
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