How much would a 1898 Indian Head penny be worth?


The amount that your 1898 Indian head penny would be worth would all depend on the condition of the penny and the kind that you have. It is usually worth $1.75 to $36.00.
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An 1881 Indian Head Cent in average circulated condition, with no problems, is worth about $2.00.
A Indian Head Penny is valued at $1.00 in US money. This is the
The 1906 Indian head penny with Lady Liberty wearing a feathered headdress is worth $1.00 currently.
Please check your coin again. Indian head cents were issued from 1859 to 1909. If your coin has a different date post a new question so it can be evaluated. If the date is 1797, it's
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An 1888 Indian Head penny is worth about 10 times it's face value. One that is in very good condition is approximately worth $1.00. If the mint mark is worn, you'll ...
The amount that your 1893 Indian head penny would be worth, would all depend on what kind you have and the condition. It can range from $1.85 to $36 depending ...
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