How Much Would a Blue Great Dane Puppy Cost?


The cost of a blue Great Dane puppy depends on who you buy it from and if it is a full breed Great Dane. Typically a Great Dane puppy will cost you between $2,000 and $3,000 (as of 2013). A six week puppy will weigh around 15 pounds and will be gaining about 3 pounds a week. Great Danes are big dogs, a six month old puppy will weigh more than an average six year old child.
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Basic Cost to Buy a puppy Show Potential Puppy$850 to $2,500 some a...
well depends on it's atandards to the american kennel club, and if its a pure breed, if it is so anywere from. 400-700, you never kjnow do some ssearching be prepared to drive a few
It depends, are you looking for purebred, and also are you looking for an adult or puppy? Check and maybe there are some for sale in your area. Great danes are
Pure bred Great Dane puppies can be bought in the range of $500
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