How Much Would a Flash Website Cost?


A flash website is a multimedia platform that is used to add animation, video as well as interactivity to web pages. The cost of a flash website depends on how long it will be and the features you want. For instance a large scale flash banner package will cost you about £1,250. A 90 second flash cartoon will cost about £3,550. It has music as well as up to six animated scenes to tell your story.
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Flash website is an interactive website. Adobe Flash software is needed to make interactive flash content. Then it is linked with website.
When it comes to Flash games and animations, there are literally thousands of websites vying for your attention, and more importantly, your clicks. This makes finding the best and
1. Open your flash source file or create a new one. To create a new file, perform the actions in Step 2. 2. Choose "File" from the top menu bar and choose "New. The
1. Determine how to structure your flash website. Create a mock-up of the design that indicates where you want graphics, buttons, symbols and text placed. Research keywords that are
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