How Much Would an Air Conditioner Cost for an Area of 1200 SQ FT?


For a large area like that, you will need a lot of cooling power - about 21,000 BTU's. You can get one unit for the whole area, which will cost between $900 and $1000. You could also split the area between two air conditioners (14,000 BTU) and pay approximately $600 to $700 per unit.
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Really, it depends on several factors: The ceiling height. How well insulated the room is. Number of people occupying the room. Pieces of heat generating equipment in the room. The
You can call any company and they can give you an estimate on the phone, or come to your house and evaluate it. My husband and I found this to be one of the oddest things (having
Can't answer that. It would depend on many factors such as the construction of the home, the windows, the attic, the insulation, the outside doors and the electricity provider. If
depending on brand and company, the price will vary greatly ..... typically what you are looking can start around $4000.00 and go up from there, depending on efficiency of furnace
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