How Much Would Gamestop Buy a Used PS2?


As of 2013, Gamestop will buy a used PS2 for around $20.00. You can also trade in your old PS2 games for a store credit at Gamestop. The Sony PlayStation was discontinued on January 4, 2013. According to a report in 2012, there had been 155 million PS2 systems sold since their release in 2000. The successor to the PS2 is the PS3 and it was released in 2006. The PS3 can play Blu-ray, DVD, CD, and game discs.
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Price of Used PS2. A used PS2 at Gamestop is between $40 and $100.
You can get a used PS2at Gamestop for $79.99.
PS2 consoles at Gamestop start at $69.99 for a large version and $99.99 for the slim. Ask us more 24/7
1. Turn off the PS2. 2. Plug the Multitap into "Controller Port A, the first player controller port on the PS2. 3. Connect the first player controller into slot 1 on the Multitap
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