How Much Would Gamestop Give Me for My PS2?


For a secondhand PS2 with controller GameStop will pay you somewhere in the region of $20-$30 so if you were hoping to make more than that,you might want to look elsewhere. Given that GameStop are currently selling secondhand PS3's for $50, that price just about looks right.
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The price ranges from city to city. For example I received $25.00 for mine in Orlando. However, my friend got 30 in Jacksonville FL. The only was to get a precise estimate would be
At least 60
The amount of money they pay depends on the condition of
You'll have to go to the store and find out. Because whatever they say on the site; may not be true for the store itself. Source(s) Personal experience.
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How much money Gamestop will give you for two PS2s will depend on the condition of them. They usually don't give you what the item is worth because they have to ...
not mutch keep it. ...
As of 2013, Gamestop will buy a used PS2 for around $20.00. You can also trade in your old PS2 games for a store credit at Gamestop. The Sony PlayStation was discontinued ...
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