How Much Would I Weigh on the Sun?


To find out how much you would weigh on the Sun, you need to do a simple math problem. Multiply your weight in pounds by 27.022. The answer is what you would weigh on the Sun.
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The Sun weighs 2 thousand trillion tons
The sun weighs 4.4 followed by 30 zeros pounds! By comparison, the earth weighs 1.3 followed by 25 zeros
The mass of the sun is about: 1.98855 X10^30 kg. This is about 332,946 times the mass of the Earth or 1,048 times the mass of Jupiter.
You must ask how big mass is the mass of the sun. The weight depends on which planet you are. The gravitation on the sun is very big, and the mass is probably very compressed. However
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A 100 pound person weighs about 2,707 pounds on the Sun
Convert pounds on Earth to pounds on
If you weighed 100 pounds on Earth, then you would weigh 2,790 pounds on the Sun. You would have to take your weight and multiply that by 27.9 to get what you'd really weigh on the Sun. You can find more information here:˜/astronomy/weightresult.chtml
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