How much would I weigh on Uranus?


You would weigh only 79.5 percent of your Earth weight on Uranus. One Earth pounds equals to 0.795 pounds on Uranus.
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All i know from, a website is 80 ibs. is 71 ibs. on uranus.
Uranus surface gravity is 8.69 m/s2 (0.89 x Earth's) This means that a 100
It would take you many years to fly a rocket to Uranus. When you arrived you would weigh more because Uranus is bigger than the Earth . If you weigh 70 pounds on the Earth you would
how much does uranus weigh?: The mass of Uranus is found to be 8.68 * 10^25
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A 100 pound person weighs about 88 pounds on Uranus
Convert pounds on Earth to pounds on
The amount you would weigh on Uranus would depend on your current weight. A person that weighs 150 pounds would weigh 119.3 pounds. If you only weigh 100 pounds, you would weigh only 79.5 on Uranus. You can find more information here:
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The planet Uranus weighs 8.6625x10^22 metric tons. Uranus is the only planet whose name comes from Greek mythology rather than Roman mythology. ...
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