How Much Would It Cost to Build a Energy Efficient Houde in DC?


It would cost about the same amount of money to build an energy efficient house in Washington D.C. as it would a regular house with the benefit that it will be cheaper to run.
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Build you wall frames out of 2x6 framing material but put the 2x6es on 2 foot centers. this doesn't cost much more than 2x4s because you need less material on 2 foot centers. Sheath
When designing the building make sure the heat gain and loss are minimized using passive solar techniques: south facing glass (depending on where the building is located), thermal
Maybe go with radiant heated floors instead if you are really building it "from the ground up. That might be out of your budget range though. Source(s)
For many people on a budget the dream of living in a green dwelling has just become within range. LEAP Adaptive, a California founded home innovation company, has introduced an energy
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