How Often Are You Supposed to Bathe a Cat?


Cats typically do fine washing themselves. If you find your cat is dirty you can try bathing him once a month using a special grooming spray. if your cat has fleas than you will want to give him a bath using a flea shampoo.
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With built-in grooming tools (tongue and teeth) cats are well-equipped to
Cats generally keep themselves clean, do not bathe your pet any more than once every two weeks.
Only when they get dirty. Otherwise cats are fabulous self-cleaning machines. For example, when one of my kitties had diarrhea and soiled her fur, I bathed her for the first time
How frequent a cat urinates often depends on the cat itself, the type of food it eats, and how much water it drinks. Typically, a cat may urinate a few times a day. However, if your
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Unless your cat has rolled in something especially stinky or messy, they should not have to be bathed. Cats have excellent grooming skills, and this alone should be enough to keep your cat clean.
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