How Often Can You Safely Color Your Hair?


It is normally recommended that you can safely color your hair every four to six weeks. The amount of time in between coloring your hair will really depend on the product and formula that you use. The best thing to do is to check the recommendations on the instructions of the hair color.
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The number of times you dye your hair without damaging it too much depends on several factors. If your hair is healthy, you can dye your hair every six to eight weeks. If you heat-style
You should go in for a highlight application every 2-4 months, and single
Ethanolamine is the safest alkaline agent for use on human scalp. An alkaline agent is needed to lift the cuticle and achieve a permanent hair color effect. Ethanolamine is an organic
If you want to stay safe at the hair salon, consider an organic vegetable-based dye. Kate Middleton (er, the Duchess of Cambridge, excuse me) reportedly gets her hair colored with
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