How Often Do All the Planets Align?


In technical terms, complete planetary alignment refers to the phenomenon where all planets form a straight line and inclined in the same quadrant. It occurs once in every 200 years. However, the term planetary alignment has been often confused with ?planetary configuration?, which refers to the phenomenon involving at least two planets that align with the sun but not forming a complete straight line.
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The planets will never be all aligned but they come close to this. This happens every 50 to 100 years. This is because, they revolve round the sun at different intervals. So, at some point they get closely aligned.
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Though the planets will never come into precise alignment with the sun because their orbits are tilted, the next time that they will align as close as they can will be in 2854.
The alignment of all 8 planets happened in 1962 and again in 2000.
Hi Jason! Wow! you have some very long, complicated answers to a rather simple question. The visible planets line up in our skies every few years. It's not a case of the planets literally
Every 25thousand years. the next time will be in 2012.
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The chances of all nine or eight planets, not counting Pluto, being in a straight line are slim to none. It takes millions of years to get them in a pattern that ...
It would not be possible for all 8 planets plus Pluto to ever completely align. Each planet's orbit is slightly tilted, and each has a slightly different shape. ...
According to Dr. Eric Christian, it could be millions of years before the planets align in an exact line. He further states that the planets have probably never ...
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