How often do bearded dragons breed?


Bearded dragons mate many times once they have reached maturity, this can be as early as at eight months of age. The male and female dragons should not be kept together if the female is not pregnant with eggs as this will result in copulation. They usually have clutches of eggs and each clutch can have around twenty to thirty eggs. A bearded dragon is a species of agamid lizard that is mostly found in Australia but is most commonly kept as a pet.
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get a male and a female and you should see them on top of eachother sometimes then the female will lay eggs. take the eggs and put them into an incubator and dont let the female take
Hi, Bearded Dragons come from Australia. All the Bearded Dragons you can find in other countries are captivity bred, because no animals can be exported from Australia. There are various
If you're asking this. after. you've got your Bearded dragon - WHY. didn't you do some research. before. you got your lizard ! If you're asking this. before. getting one, there are
Beardies mate then the male leaves.The female is gravid for 2-3 weeks then she lays one of many clutches during the breeding season.
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