How Often Do You Water Flowers?


It depends on the flowers. If you have a flower garden for instance and the soil is healthy enough you can water it once a day. If the soil is tough you may have to do it twice a day. If your flower is in a pot however you'd have to water it more often than one time a day or add more water because the roots have no soil from which to seep the water from.
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This is maybe the most important question to ask yourself when you figure out how often to water your flowers. Certain varieties of primrose, for example, thrive on high amounts of
Orange flower water is an ingredient that you will often find in middle eastern, and French cooking. It is made from the oils of the orange blossoms.
Answer Watering about 10oz. a week is good ....More Info Here's a good rule of thumb for watering Pansies (and all other plants): Plants should be watered as required. Do not let
Keep the soil evenly moist, never sopping wet. Remove decorative foil
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In the spring and in the summer you will have to water your flowers every second day. In the autumn and winter you can water your flowers once a week. ...
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Watering your marijuana plant is the same as watering your regular flowering plants. Usually it ranges from every day to every other day in frequency. Marijuana ...
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