How Often Do You Water Pansies?


Pansies require water levels of 2.5 centimetres every week for the entire duration in which they are in the garden. Remember that the first watering should be carried out immediately after planting so that their roots can establish.
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Pansies need a thorough watering immediately after they are set in the soil so they can begin to establish their roots, according to the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture. Thoroughly
Answer Watering about 10oz. a week is good ....More Info Here's a good rule of thumb for watering Pansies (and all other plants): Plants should be watered as required. Do not let
Pansies, for best growth, are watered thoroughly about once a week,
I only water mine when the dirt is starting to dry up. Keep it moist, but don't drowned it because it will make the roots rot. I don't spray anything on mine. They bugs don't bother
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