How Often Do You Water Poinsettias?


When watering a Poinsettia, it is important not to over water. Do not let your Poinsettia sit in water. Poinsettias do best with moist soil and not direct water.
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Water the poinsettia when it feels dry to the touch. Pour water over the soil and wait for it to run freely through the bottom of the container. Once the water begins to run out of
The directions on mine say to water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch. Also keep it in a bright room but with indirect sunlight. Make sure the pot drains as well so the
You only need to water a poinsettia when the soil is dry. Season's Greetings
Tomatoes grow well in containers if given proper water and care. The Texas A&M University AgriLIFE Extension recommends watering tomatoes grown in containers once per day. Most
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How Often Do You Water Poinsettia Plants?
A common holiday plant, the poinsettia produces large red leaves that encircle the tiny yellow flowers of the plant. The plant is difficult to raise in the home environment once it has been removed from the commercial greenhouse but it can be maintained... More »
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You should water poinsettias only when the soil is dry. Do not let the poinsettia wilt and also do not let it sit with water in the saucer.
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