How often does bamboo flower?


The bamboo species does not flower often. One species of the bamboo takes years to flower such as the Japanese Timber, which flowers after 130 years. Some bamboo species do flower annually but most exhibit what is known as mass flowering. This means that plants in a garden full of bamboo flower simultaneously without regard to present climatic conditions.
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A Bamboo flowers every 30 to 120 years depending on the species, after which
1. Fill your flower pot to within 1 inch of its rim with moistened potting soil. Choose a flower pot with drainage holes that is at least 2 inches wider and deeper than the root ball
The conditions and the soil in growing any plant are very important on how fast and how well a plant will grow. With bamboo it has been know to grow up to 24 inches in a day. This
Not often. In most places, never. But. though bamboo types varies a lot in water needs, Bamboo likes water. In a dry place it is not invasive and grow much slower than you might
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