How often does Google Maps update satellite images?


Google updates Google Maps and Google Earth images whenever new imagery becomes available, and there is no set schedule. Most images are one to three years old.

For people who are interested in knowing when maps of certain locations are updated, Google offers an alerting service at Alerts are emailed whenever the satellite or aerial imagery in the user's area of interest is updated. To use this service, users need a Google account.

Google also welcomes input from users. They can report a problem on a map and, with the Google Map Maker, even add or change map information.

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I agree that they don't upgrade often. I noticed that the Egyptian images showing the pyramids are really old. Those things are thousands of years old. Why don't they update those
Google does not have a timetable on when they update their
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Google purchases the images from many different sources. Most of the images are purchased second hand - basically the images are not taken for the sole purpose of supplying them to
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How Often Does Google Maps Update Satellite Images?
Google Maps is a trusted source for location information including directions, traffic and satellite imagery. The relatively high resolution images have even been used to spur new archeological research efforts, according the National Geographic.... More »
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