How Often Does Google Maps Update Satellite Images?


Updated satellite maps are visual representations of an area that is taken from the point of view of a satellite in orbit. These are helpful tools in determining weather patterns.
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Both Google Earth and Google Maps share the same database of satellite imagery. Google has contracted with both government and private satellite owners to receive images so that every
Google never lets on when it will update an area but you can subscribe to Google's. " Follow Your World" notification service to get an e-mail when they do update Morocco
Google purchases the images from many different sources. Most of the images are purchased second hand - basically the images are not taken for the sole purpose of supplying them to
It depends where in the world you're looking but the copyright string usually gives you some idea of how old the images are. You can get a better idea about Google's imagery using
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How Often Does Google Maps Update Satellite Images?
Google Maps is a trusted source for location information including directions, traffic and satellite imagery. The relatively high resolution images have even been used to spur new archeological research efforts, according the National Geographic.... More »
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