How Often Does It Rain in the Rain Forest?


The Amazon gets an average of 9 feet of rain every year ,that is 1500 mm of rainfall each year.The rainfall in the rainforest is relatively evenly distributed throughout the year, that is 100 mm/month.
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Of the areas that the rain forests are located, Australia, Southern Asia, Africa, South America and Central America, the largest rain forest is located in South America and is called
Pygmies are hunter gatherers who live the rain forests of Central Africa. Pygmies are divided into different groups including the Baka, Bakola, Babongo, Aka and Bambuti. They're traditionally
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A rain forest is a forest that has heavy rain fall, between 68-75 inches in a year, with lots of evergreens that have broad leaves. The rain forest is home to ...
A rainforest can be described as a dense, warm and wet jungle. The reason it is called rain forest is due to the high amount of rainfall it receives per year. However ...
A tropical rain forest is a forest in a wet and damp area. It usually receives a lot of rain fall which keeps the area lush. A famous tropical rain forest is the ...
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