How often does Mt. Kilauea erupt?


Kilauea is a very active volcanic mountain located in the Hawaii islands. The mountain is known for its adverse effects after eruptions that occur almost every month. The most powerful eruption occurred on 23 October, 2012.
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Kilauea is a classic shield style volcano, this means that it generally erupts with large lava flows. This occurs because the magma type associated with Kilauea is basalt, the most
Time Frame. Mauna Loa's first recorded eruption was speculated to have been in 1780, not long after Captain Cook first appeared on the island, but it has been active far longer than
From what I can see in Wikipedia, it's been erupting continuously since 1983. It's sporadic but active, with spectacular events from time to time. It is not on a regular schedule!
Klauea is an active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands, one of five
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