How Often Does Precum Get a Girl Pregnant?


It is not possible to tell how often a girl gets pregnant from pre-cum. Some studies have shown it is possible and others that it is not. Regardless, it may be possible and it is best not to have penetration without some type of protection to avoid pregnancy.
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A girl has under 10% chance of getting pregnant from precum. ChaCha on.
every day.
why don't you NOT try to find out the chances of pre-*** getting your gf pregnant and use a condom ALL the time. just an idea.
yeah that precum sh*t aint no lie bro get the test and find out if she wants to keep it, i only fucced my baby mamma once didnt even nutt old codom it broke and now my daughter is
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It is possible for a girl to get pregnant from pre-cum, which is a male's pre-ejaculate fluid, even though it does not contain sperm. Under certain circumstances ...
It is possible for precum (pre-ejaculate) to impregnate a girl. It still contains sperm. The best way to not get pregnant is abstinence. If you are sexually active ...
Yes, it is possible for a girl to get pregnant from precum. Precum can contain sperm, and it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg and cause a pregnancy. ...
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