How often do people die?


Roughly estimated, approximately 153,000 people die each day, which is equal to 6,375 every hour and 106 every minute. In the end, it comes down to just under two people every second.

Death is a common event on Earth world because everything living must eventually die. Leading causes vary based on country, gender, heritage and other factors, but regardless of how well a person lives or how well cared for they are, death is inescapable. That is the nature of life, and it is why many people hold it sacred. Alternately, the statistics on birth are much more remarkable. Approximately two new lives begin for every one that ends. Effectively, four children are born every second, which means that the Earth's human population is climbing on a daily basis, with every individual being replaced by two new ones. The good news is that life is out pacing death by a solid margin. The bad news is that the rate at which food, housing and employment is made available to those new individuals isn't keeping pace at all. Too often, new born children end up joining the ranks of the daily death toll due to preventable issues like malnutrition and dehydration.

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