How Often Should a Person Shower?


Regular showing is good for your health as it get rids of the dead skin layer and the bad odour. It is advisable to shower at least once in a day no matter the case to maintain the normal body function and for hygiene purposes. However, there is nothing wrong with showering whenever you feel like or as many time as you would like as long as you use the right water temperature.
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I find that twice a week is plenty not to stink. With the right lifestyle one could shower once a week and be fine. Sometimes I don't shower for a couple weeks, but that isn't really
atleast once a day. but in humid countries, most people bathe during mornings and evenings. In cold areas like Hong Kong, they take a bath in the evening.
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Personal hygiene is a key to staying healthy. The average person should
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A person should shower thrice a day but this depends on your body, according to some people the more they shower and the type of soap they use also can dry your skin out. For overweight people they should shower more making sure they care to folds of skin, bacteria and yeast like to get trapped there. If you use products like gels or hair spray in your hair you need to wash everyday.
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