How Often Should an Elderly Person Bathe?


Elderly people can have fragile skin and daily showers can irritate it. They should bathe once a week and put lotion on their skin after. Sponge baths can be used between showers as needed. 
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1 Reserve a bathroom space. If the elderly person is in a retirement home, they'll be most likely to have a bathroom with a bath. Not a shower!. Ad 2 Let the bath fill itself with
every day please at least twice im tired of funky smelling old people.
Carefully lift them as if they are the most fragile person, ever.
Wipe her off with baby wipes daily so the urine doesn't cause rashes. you can bathe just the back end in about 2 teaspoons aloe Vera gel(after sun care stuff you can find it anywhere
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To give a sponge bath to an elderly person, Talk with the person and make sure they are ok with you bathing them. If they are ok, move them to a lavatory area ...
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