How Often Should I Balance my Tires?


Most manufacturers have a recommended interval to rotate tires. This can vary from 4000-10000 miles. Since the tires are already off the vehicle it makes sense to go ahead and balance them as well. Of course if you are experiencing noise or vibration you should have them immediately looked at, also any tire that has been repaired or patched should be rebalanced
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There is no schedule for tire balancing; it is completely dependent on usage and need. For the averages, a tire can survive for its entire life without the need for balancing again;
Rotating your tires helps to increase the life of your tires and helps to keep your vehicle safe. Each manufacturer will recommend different requirements for how often you should
1. Stand up your bubble balancer and become familiar with how it works. It has two important parts to notice. On the top of the machine you will observe a small bubble encased in
Tires are never perfectly aligned or evenly worn. Front tires will usually be more worn than the back, but your rear tires will wear faster when the car is in rear-wheel drive. Swapping
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Tires are made with tread wear indicators at many positions around the tire which run across the tire and perpendicular to running direction. when this line is ...
You should replace your tires on average ever 5 or 6 years, however you should rotate your tires every 5,000 - 10,000 miles (check your owners manual for the exact ...
If you have less than 2/32 of an inch tread remaining on your tires, then it is time for a new set. To determine tread depth, use a penny. Stick the coin placing ...
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