How often should i change my tires on my car?


How often you should change your tires on your car will depend on how much and how hard you drive. It is recommended that you rotate the tires every 5,000 - 10,000 miles.
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You can change a car tire by getting the spare out of the storage place in the car. Get the jack out, too, and jack the car up enough to take the weight off the wheel. Undo the lug
The Wear Indicator Locate the wear bar on your tire. It's a horizontal bar that runs across the tire and is as deep as the deepest groove in the tread. Within this bar is a bump that
so that. less friction is caused, and to. improve speed.
1 *Park the vehicle on a level ground. **pull the parking break Ad
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Car brakes should be changed every three to four years if used normally. You should check your car brakes every time you rotate your tires. If you hear noises ...
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