How often should I paint my house?


The exterior of a house should only need repainting every 15 years as long as quality materials were used for the original paint job and that the preparation and application were done properly.

Preparation is essential to a good-looking long-lasting paint job. Before repainting, old paint, dirt, grease, plant material and other debris must be removed from the surface to allow the new paint to adhere directly to the house, and to ensure a smooth, even finish. Weather is an important factor for painting outside. Painting should be done in dry, mild weather conditions; temperature that is too hot or too cold can interfere with the integrity of the paint job.

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How Often Should I Paint My House?
Painting the exterior of a home can improve its overall look and add to its value. However, deciding when to paint can be a tricky process, because most homeowners don't look at the outside of their house every day. There are some simple ways to evaluate... More »
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