How Often Should I Paint My House?


How often you paint is a personal preference. However, for a more technical approach, think about the climate youÕre in. How weather damaged is the paint on your house and how long did it take to get that way. From there, you can decide how often a new coat of paint should be applied to your home.
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How Often Should I Paint My House?
Painting the exterior of a home can improve its overall look and add to its value. However, deciding when to paint can be a tricky process, because most homeowners don't look at the outside of their house every day. There are some simple ways to evaluate... More »
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Depending on the harshness of the climate where you live, peeling and cracking paint can occur more frequently than in areas that are more tepid. It is the first sign that a home
once a year!
To paint your house you will need a paint sprayer or paint brush. Pain the house one line of siding at a time to keep it even. Make sure it is a nice day.
Part of painting any rooms inside your house involves painting "the dreaded doors." Wooden doors can be particularly difficult to paint, especially if they're the paneled
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To determine how often you should paint your house simply inspect the exterior at the beginning of spring. If you notice any cracking or chipping paint, then it's ...
It depends on what part of the house you are referring to whether it is inside the house or outside. If you get a durable paint the outside should last 15 years ...
A house should have spot cleaning daily such as dishes and sweeping. A good deep clean can be done weekly or even monthly. Vacuum depending on if you have children ...
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