How Often Should I Relax My Hair?


How often you should relax your hair can depend on your hair type and how it responds to the process. For some people about once a month works well but for many people relaxing the hair once every two months is more appropriate. Some people prefer to do it even less often, either because the effects last longer for them or to avoid going through the process too often.
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Sodium hydroxide-based-or lye-relaxers are the strongest. While lye relaxers can be processed or applied at home, it is not recommended, as over-processing of the hair and serious
How often you relax your hair really depends on how coarse your hair is. The typical time frame is every 6-8 weeks. Some people may have more new growth before then, while others
Straightening too often can damage your hair. You might want to ask your hairdresser for advice, because different products on the market have different directions. According to some
Every 6-8 weeks is the general rule, but you might want to consult a
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