How Often Should I Sharpen My Hockey Skates?


How often you should sharpen your hockey skates depends on how often you use them. They generally should be sharpened after about four hours of use.
Q&A Related to "How Often Should I Sharpen My Hockey Skates?"
Players in the NHL usually sharpen their skates before every game, either before or after the morning skate-around. Some players even like their skates resharpened between periods
Hockey skates should be sharpened after every 7 hours of ice time. e.g. After four 1 hour practices and six 1/2 hour games- sharpen them.
NHL players get their skates sharpened as often as every day,
I play hockey myself, and I recommend about every 10-15 hours you spend on the ice. You will most likely know when you need to get them sharpened because they will feel dull if you
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