How Often Should I Worm My Dog?


Regular worming is extremely important for your pet's health and for your own. Every 3 months is recommended in adult dogs.However, should visit your vet for him to recommend the intervals.
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Puppies should be wormed monthly until they are 6 months old. You can then worm every 2-3 months until eventually only twice a year during adulthood.
Worms are caused usually by ingesting or being bitten by an infected insect. They can also be transmitted when a dog eats feces of an infected animal. Most worms are easily curable
1. Prevent worms. You should make all attempts to prevent the infestation of your dog in the first place. Don't allow the pregnant dog to lick food from the ground or other unhygienic
Adult dogs should ideally be given worming medication every 3 months.
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You should worm your dog at least every three months. You should however consult with your vet as some will need to be wormed more frequently. Examples of animals ...
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You should worm a weaned puppy every two weeks. This should continue until the puppy reaches 12 weeks old. From then on, you should worm the puppy every month. ...
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