How Often Should You Change Bed Linen?


There is considerable debate on how often you should change your bed sheets.In general, a good homemaker changes bed linens at least once per week. However, if experiencing night sweats or hot flashes, it may be best to change them more frequently. Assuming that the people who sleep in the bed shower before bedtime.
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1 Remove mattress from box springs. Vacuum around and under the bed frame. Place bed skirt on box springs, taking care to place the unfinished side at the head of the bed. Using two
every one to two months
It really is up to you. Think about it like changing the oil on your car every 3000 miles. You don't have to but it will protect your mattress investment. I prefer once a week. 8
Let's get into then- How often bed linens should be changed depends on several different things. Every person sheds skin every day and every night, resulting in bits of dead skin
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