How Often Should You Replace Bed Pillows?


There really is no set standard on how often a bed pillow should be replaced. There however some sleep experts who recommend that a bed pillow be replaced every 2 to 3 years. It is really up to the individual who is using the pillow.
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The batting in a pillow, also known as the filling, helps it keep its shape. Batting also is the only thing in the pillow that supports the head and neck. Over time, pillow batting
When it smells! Seriously I have no idea. Sleep is so important that you should feel free to spend the $99 on one of the expensive pillows money can buy as often as you would like
They recommend replacing bed pillows every 3-6 months, to rid of dust mites that accumulate in them.
If your on about when should you throw them out, well, the sheets if they get threadbare or bobbly, pillows can be washed but they do lose their fluffiness or firmness, so as soon
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How Often Should You Replace Bed Pillows?
Although they can become very comfortable with time, bed pillows should be replaced when they begin to lose their effectiveness. A pillow should support the head and neck. When it no longer does, it should be replaced. There are signs to look for when... More »
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