How often do you water hanging plants?


During warm summer days, hanging plants should be watered as much as two or three times a day. One method to know if your baskets are dry is to raise them up from the base of the container. Dry baskets will typically be very light weight and have to be watered at once. When you water your hanging basket, be certain to water sufficient so that the water drains out the drainage holes.
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Misconceptions One of the most common causes of plant death is overwatering. Sometimes it's possible to love a plant too much by giving it too much water, which can cause root rot
twice a week.
Most plants absorb water through their roots. Some plants, such as algae, exist in water and absorb it through their surface. Parasite plants absorb nutrients from their hosts.
Not often. In most places, never. But. though bamboo types varies a lot in water needs, Bamboo likes water. In a dry place it is not invasive and grow much slower than you might
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