How Old Are Kittens When They Open Their Eyes?


Kittens are born with their eyes closed and should be left the way they were born as the mother will normally provide for all there needs until they reach three or four weeks of age. Shorthair kittens begin to open their eyes at 5-8 days.
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Most kittens open their eyes at around 8 days old, but some will
Kittens eyes open after 7-10 days. Eyes will stay blue for about 2 more weeks. True color at 3 months.
Your kitten's eyes should open in ten days. In between there. But if it is taking much longer, please try to consider calling the vet. Be aware, a kitten's eyes are cloudy when they
they will probably open their eyes soon, if not, immediately take them to a vet. they might have a disease that may inable them to open their eyes. good luck with the kittens. Source
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