How Old Are the Kardashian Sisters?


Kourtney Mary Kardashian is currently 32, born on April 18, 1979; Kimberly Kardashian is currently 30 years old, born on October 21, 1980; Khloe Alexandra Kardashian is 27 years old, born on June 27, 1984. The sisters own a store called D-A-S-H in California together, recently released their own clothing line.
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khole is the Young's she is 26,1984. Kim is the middle child she is 30,1980. kourthney is the oldest she is 31,1979.
Kim Kardashian was born Oct 21, 1980 & is 30. Kourtney was born Apr 18, 1979 & is
The Kardashian sisters are Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Khloe is currently 26 yrs old, Kim is 30 yrs old, and Kourtney is 31 yrs old! Lovely sisters!
wow for sure i thought kourtney was the youngest i thought kim was the oldest.
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