How old are the members of the B5 group?


The B5 Group is an R&B group from St. Petersburg, Florida. The members of the group are 26, 25 and 23 years old.
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Now 2012, they are Dustin 24, Kelly 23, Patrick 22, Carnell 22, and Bryan 19 hope that helps you guys!
B5 The brothers, Bryan, 10, Carnell, 13, Patrick, 14, Kelly, 16, an...
Dustin is 22. Born 10/08/1987-Kelly is 21. Born 2/27/1989-Patrick is 19. Born 9/19/1990-Carnell is 18. Born 11/30/1991-Bryan is 16.
1. Research the principles of the group and the topic being discussed at the next group meeting. You must fully understand the mission, goals, and objectives of the group and the
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